The most important thing

I learned about many things during my 20s. I remember reading about X topic and getting deep into it for a few weeks (or days) and then doing the same, changing my perspective and focus. I took courses on After Effects, 3D design, Marketing, Math, etc. I learned many things but didn’t become proficient enough, and most importantly, I lost time and energy. Why? Because I could have focused on something until I was ready for the next thing. This applies to career, personal decisions.

Now I have a rule of not changing a goal until one is completed.

I also have many goals and dreams, things that I want to do, but there’s not enough time, so I focus on one thing and get the most of my time.

Hey, but I know what I don’t want.

Awesome. Knowing what you don’t want is easy but doesn’t bring you closer to what you want, only keeping you away from what you don’t want.

Define the most important thing; how?

  1. Write them, write all your objectives in sticky notes
  2. Make them battle. In a one-on-one contest. Which one is more valuable?
  3. Consider what’s required (the cost) for that objective and if it’s worth it.
  4. Rank them by their value and cost. 

Now you have a guide to help you explore your options with clarity and make a (better) decision.

This process can be implemented for:

  1. work projects: What is the most important goal for this project?
  2. Family: What’s the kind of relationship you want with your family? How do you want my kids to see you?
  3. Personal: What matters for you in a relationship? How do I want others to remember me?


If you’re a team lead, let your team know what’s important for the team and/or the project. 

With personal decisions, you might need to communicate with those involved. Sometimes what you want doesn’t align with your friend’s lifestyle or goals. Let them know so they can respect your decision and still be friends.

It’s OK to be wrong.

Defining the most important thing can be challenging. You want to be super clear about what you want. And when you do that, you have the ability to be wrong.

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