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  • Podcasts Week 47 2021

    These are the podcasts episodes I listened to the previous week:

  • Mental model: Owning The Frame

    We tend to decide between one option or another, and we believe that these are the only options, but the reality is that we have more options most times.Today I want to talk to you about Owning The Frame. A mental model will help us see more options and make better decisions. How? Vanishing options:…

  • Second-Order Thinking

    It’s very easy to take bad decisions, thankfully there are mental models that can teach us how to think and how to take better decisions. Second-order thinking is a mental model that helps us find the long term consequences of our decisions and thus help us make better decisions leaving the immediate gratification behind. It’s…

  • Today’s podcast

    I been listening to one podcast episode per day, why not share what I’m currently listening? Today’s episode is from The Knowledge Project, a podcast from Farman Street