The true investment objective of growth is not just to make gains but to avoid loss.

Fisher, Philip A.. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings: 40 (Wiley Investment Classics) (p. 196). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

“The market is a pendulum that forever swings between unsustainable optimism and unjustified pessimism. The intelligent investor is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists.”

Benjamin Graham

Second-Order Thinking

It’s very easy to take bad decisions, thankfully there are mental models that can teach us how to think and how to take better decisions.

Second-order thinking is a mental model that helps us find the long term consequences of our decisions and thus help us make better decisions leaving the immediate gratification behind. It’s very easy to think about the immediate results and forget about what’s going to happen after, that’s why this model brings a very important question: “Then what?”

From now on, I will start asking “then what?” every time I need to make a decision, it’s an habit I want to build.

If you’re interested about this and other mental models, I recommend you read

If you want to succeed, double your failure rate.

Someone at work shared this quote today, and wanted to share it here for myself, as a reminder that is OK to fail and it’s actually a great thing. Make sure you’re having new failures in your life and learn from them, and then follow new failures.

I still have many zeros

0 it’s where massive amount of creativity comes from, when you have nothing to lose and everything to win. This is probably that biggest motivation I have in my life. Being someone who comes from zero-zero and now I have accomplish some things in my life, but still have many zeroz, still many things to do, to learn and many risks to take and that I want to take in my life, many fears to overcome.

what about you? how many more things can you accomplish in your life? how many things you haven’t tried? those are your zeros. and if you are very young and have nothing, have zero-zero, you have everything to win, get up and do it, take the challenge, the risks! it’s worth.

Don’t tolerate your zeros. Having zero should be your motivation, you should be driven by brute necessity!

Opened FB for a few days and this is what I learned

I been learning to appreciate more and more my time, as part of this I decided back in January to deactivate my FB account, and remove FB and IG apps on my phone.

During the last seven months I opened FB only when I had a purpose to use it. I reactivated my account few days ago and close it a few min ago, and I did some reflecting about it and this is what I noticed/learned.

Every time I reactivate my account, I notice I miss it less and need it less

Sure the first few days and weeks it can be difficult, yeah because I had an habit of going to or picking up my phone just to check FB but then I began noticing the times I was doing it. Noticing how much I was doing it made start believing I had a problem, I wasted a lot of time checking FB and that helped me miss it and avoid it in my life more and more.

I can to use FB in a mindful way and with purpose

When I decided to reactivate my account it’s because I have a purpose, maybe I want to check in on a friend, contact with professionals, look for properties, etc. When I achieve my purpose I deactivate my account again.

Before going to FB think about what you want to accomplish and what’s the purpose

FB can be a very toxic place you be part of that toxicity

Maybe you don’t noticed, I didn’t noticed for a long time until I stopped using the site and noticed I was myself a toxic person sometimes, I used to discuss and sometime troll people which is not mature and professional, plus fb is not a great place to share and/or discuss idea in a smart, healthy way.

I found this article about discussing in the new era of twitter/FB and how it used to be before. (read article).

Last year I used FB 55 hours (based on RescueTime), I could have read 2475 or around 9 books in that time, I could have learned something valuable, or spend that time putting attention to more important things that will help me accomplish my goals in life.

Many have written about this topic and I wanted to share my two cents, hope this helps you think about it and make the move of living the real life.