On meditation

Four years ago, when I read about Yuval Noah Harari meditated and was a big promoter of (More). It seemed like I needed to try for someone like me who gets distracted quickly by my thoughts–I wanted to tame my monkey mind (still want!). To give you an idea, I checked other articles, opened a few tabs, and checked emails while writing this, and things just popped on my mind all the time.
During these years, I have worked on building the habit. I used to schedule a few minutes every to do it, and It felt good to have those minutes to tame my mind and pay attention to what was going on around me, acknowledging my thoughts and letting them go. BE PRESENT.

I always had a problem with this. My monkey mind was still jumping around all the time after those 10 min of meditation. I’m not saying there’s something wrong with meditation. My approach was wrong, and my understanding of meditation. It is not about being present only those 10min, those 10 min or the time you do it is to teach how to be present but doesn’t have to stop there. Meditation is about paying attention and placing the mind in the now.

Meditation  is paying attention
Taken from https://tricycle.org/magazine/glass-foster-meditation/

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