Second-Order Thinking

It’s very easy to take bad decisions, thankfully there are mental models that can teach us how to think and how to take better decisions.

Second-order thinking is a mental model that helps us find the long term consequences of our decisions and thus help us make better decisions leaving the immediate gratification behind. It’s very easy to think about the immediate results and forget about what’s going to happen after, that’s why this model brings a very important question: “Then what?”

From now on, I will start asking “then what?” every time I need to make a decision, it’s an habit I want to build.

If you’re interested about this and other mental models, I recommend you read

I still have many zeros

0 it’s where massive amount of creativity comes from, when you have nothing to lose and everything to win. This is probably that biggest motivation I have in my life. Being someone who comes from zero-zero and now I have accomplish some things in my life, but still have many zeroz, still many things to do, to learn and many risks to take and that I want to take in my life, many fears to overcome.

what about you? how many more things can you accomplish in your life? how many things you haven’t tried? those are your zeros. and if you are very young and have nothing, have zero-zero, you have everything to win, get up and do it, take the challenge, the risks! it’s worth.

Don’t tolerate your zeros. Having zero should be your motivation, you should be driven by brute necessity!

Thank you alcohol!

If you knew me 6 years ago, I was a person focus on my career, learning and becoming a better developer, and I still does, but with a little difference, I lied myself that I could start drinking and control it.

Let me tell you something about me, I like control and I have a lot of things in my life under control and the ones I can’t control, I don’t stress about, I don’t care! and that’s it… I love control.

But there’s something about alcohol that allures me, and is not the taste, it was that after a few drinks I could allow myself to lose control and don’t care about it.

And what losing control means?

For me means getting completely emotional and irrational, and there’s nothing wrong about feeling your emotions, emotions are there for a reason, but still emotions need to be rationalized and not every emotion needs a reaction, I like to feel my emotions but I don’t always act based on what I fee, this is called emotional intelligence.

The problem by acting on every emotion under the alcohol effect, is that you don’t feel your emotions in the right way, your mindset is wrong, you can’t even speak clearly, what makes me thing that I can act in the right on my emotions? I don’t know why I never thought about this before, your perception is blurred.

So this was me on alcohol, a bomb of emotions and feelings, sometimes I used to cry, sometimes to be very funny and active, and some experiences were really good, I can’t deny I had good times, but I also took the worst decisions when I was drunk and I lose a lot.

I lost friends, relationships, people I still love, respect from others including family and even coworkers!

So, thank you alcohol for all the good times, but I can’t afford to lose what I love. I already allow myself to lose enough.


When I was 19 a friend told me I was a person full of fears, something I didn’t believe at the moment, but 7 years later I found out that he was right (Or maybe I just accepted), I was and still a person full or fears, but I don’t see that as a weakness anymore, I see them as an opportunity, I’m still afraid of doing, saying and writing so many things that I just do them, because that’s the whole point of fears, to do them, to see them as opportunities.


…Wisdom comes from experience

I was reading some old notes on my phone, when I found this one from 3 years ago:

You are a fool for worshipping knowledge.
For wisdom is what you need, and wisdom comes from experience

And made me reflect a lot about what I really want in my life, I still want to learn as much as I can, but I need to also focus on getting more experiences, getting out of my comfort zone every day, do the things that I’m still afraid to do, that’s how I really want to live my life.

Don’t be a fool.